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December FairyLoot Unboxing: Oh so regal

As per tradition by now, I am one of the last people to receive the December FairyLoot box. I understand that despite Christmas being the time of joy and rest for most of us, it must be literal hell at the post office. That’s why I was even more excited to find this last present waiting for me at the office in January. I could remind myself of the spirit of this past Christmas for the last time. This month’s theme is Oh so regal and the beautiful theme art promises a magical wintery wonderland.

The truth is I have grown out of dreams of royalty a long time ago. My princesses turned into assassins, witches and rebels. My charming princes on a white horse turned into even more charming thieves, tortured villains and powerful wizards. There is no place for damsels in distress and girls in high towers waiting for someone to rescue them in my life anymore. However, I am glad to say that times are changing and with them the fairytales we tell the little ones. Princesses of today are fierce generals, passionate revolutionaries or fearless conquerors. And the ability to break out into a song in the midst of it all is just an added bonus.

So whether you’re too busy saving the galaxy like Leia, raising dragons like Daenerys or preparing for an awesome ball at the palace, items from this month’s box are sure to help you feel Oh so regal while you’re at it.

We are mixing things up a bit this month because this time, a candle is not the first thing I grabbed when I opened the box (omg, so wild). It was a Full Size Pop figure by Funko. FairyLoot sent out six Disney royals and I got Tiana from Princess and the Frog. I must admit I don’t really see why are these figures so popular (and expensive). So I am probably a little less excited by it than others. Still, it’s wonderful that they went all out and included these because they really don’t come cheap.

Not all of us can snag a prince and live the princess life in a castle. But you can maybe close your eyes and pretend with the Prince Candles made exclusively by A Court of Candles. Again, four variations were sent out and I got Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. The candle has glitter in it and smells of peach, sea mist and driftwood. If pretending to be a princess doesn’t work I can at least pretend to be on a holiday by the sea.

The next item is an exclusive Virtuous & Fair zip pouch designed by Miss Phi. It features a quote from No Fear by William Shakespeare and it’s perfect for keeping all your royal secrets.

If you are the kind of princess who needs to write down her royal duties otherwise she gets distracted and forgets, you will love the little notebook designed by Stella’s Bookish Art. It features a stunning quote from Red Queen and is the perfect size to hide in your corset. Or battle armour.

For the first time ever, the candle is NOT my favourite item in the box (we are really getting crazy over here this December)! There is an exclusive Books Rule enamel keychain by Fiction Tea Designs. It is all metal, in gorgeous royal purple and there is a pun! And books DO rule so what’s not to love.

The book of the month is Everless by Sara Holland. It promises a story of a girl who, in the world where time is extracted from blood as payment, uncovers a secret that can change the future of time itself. The cover is striking but the premise reminds me of the movie In Time just a bit too much. However, I am hoping for a greatly built world and rich mythology to make up for the slightly overused concept.

Also, as always, there is a dear reader letter by the author, a signed bookplate, a print and a bookmark with the theme art. My buddy number is #FairyLoot124798. Hit me up on Instagram if we match.

I must admit I was a little bit disappointed by this one. I expected something truly special for the Christmas box and apart from the keychain, it just didn’t suit my taste. However, I have a feeling the next one is going to more than make up for it. The theme is Talk Faerie to Me and is going to include items from my most favourite series (A Court of Thorns and Roses and Throne of Glass). If you want to get one for yourself, check out FairyLoot here.


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