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November FairyLoot Unboxing: Ladies that Slay

I know I say that every FairyLoot box is like giving yourself a gift every month. But this time it rang especially true, for November is my birthday month. Even though by the time I got this box I even forgot I had a birthday. Nevertheless, the theme last month was Ladies that Slay and I couldn’t have asked for a better one on my birthday.

The road to my November box was full of trials and tribulations. It included lost delivery men, me running late as always and plane trips to different countries. But we found each other in the end. So in the spirit of ‘better late than never’, you can look back on how fun November was while you’re looking forward to Christmas.

As a young independent woman who don’t need no man (that’s a The Lightning-Struck Heart reference) and a big fan of young adult fiction, the theme Ladies that Slay speaks to me on a variety of levels. I love a strong heroine who rises up to the occasion and saves the day. What I’d like to point out though is that ‘slaying’ isn’t just about being strong. It is important, especially in literature targeted for young readers, to encourage the notion that a lady that slays is also someone who is smart and driven when their peers don’t think it cool, who finds the courage to change their ways when all they’ve known is violence or someone who learns how to light a spark of hope in people even though they themselves live in darkness.

There are infinite ways to be a lady that slays, so whether you are a Hermione, Aelin, Katniss or your own brand of hero, items in this box can help you slay a dragon or two (or just get comfy and read about it).

The first item I fished out of the box was a candle and you know, I love candles! Wrapped in a beautiful box was a Hermione themed candle by Flick the Wick in a black tin with the most beautiful label. If that’s not enough to excite you let me tell you about the smell. The candle is a reddish colour and smells of vanilla, lily, musk, raspberry and citrus. Raspberry cheesecake or heaven? Scientists can’t tell.

I didn’t think it could get more exciting and was prepared to calm down but then I found a tin by Bookish Teas. Inside was a FairyLoot exclusive fruit tea with blackberries, currants and EDIBLE GLITTER! (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). It smells heavenly, looks like magic and is called Blue’s Brew. I later found out that it’s from The Raven Boys which is next on my TBR list. I just feel spoiled at this point and it’s only the beginning.

If you want to brand yourself as a badass lady for everyone to see, you can do that with the promotional pin for This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada. If you want to be truly intimidating, the iron on patch by Literary Emporium is the right thing for you. It has a flaming design and features a quote by the baddest of them all –  Katniss from The Hunger Games.

The biggest and brightest item in the box is the FairyLoot exclusive book sleeve designed by Aunjuli Art. It has a nice swords and books design and is of great quality. It even has a waterproof lining on the inside so your paperbacks will never get soggy again. However, for me, it’s a little bit chunky for daily use so I’ll probably stay with my trusty FairyLoot pouches.

Also in the box, you’ll find a lovely sticker with a quote from An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir and an art print with a dragon design. Dragons feature also on this month’s theme art so I’m sensing a hint here. It has a wonderful quote:

‘Once there was a girl who was drawn to wicked things’.


By far the most exciting thing about this box for me is the fact that we don’t get one, but TWO books. Again. And not just any additional book but an advanced reader copy of a book that’s not going to be released until May 2018. The book is Furyborn by Claire Legrand and it promises a story of two queens centuries apart. One with the power to save the world and one with the power to destroy it. This is my first advanced copy and I just feel so privileged to have this. I’m definitely going to read and review it so you know if it’s worth a purchase.

This month’s main featured book is an exclusive cover edition of The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli. It’s so exciting it might just mess up my TBR order. Again. It tells a story of a dragon slayer trapped in an arranged marriage by her father. The only way to freedom is by slaying the mightiest of dragons. The only person standing in her way is a defiant slave boy. Basically, dragons, badass warrior girls and forbidden romance. Just sign me up, I don’t need sleep.

Also, as always, there is a dear reader letter by the author, a signed bookplate, a print and a bookmark with the theme art and a promotional pin for The Last Namsara. My buddy number is #FairyLoot124674 so hit me up on Instagram if we match.

This box completely blew me away and it’s probably my favourite one so far. What a perfect birthday gift! You can get a FairyLoot box for yourself here.

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