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October FairyLoot Unboxing: Villainous

October, the month of Halloween (the best holiday ever) is one of my favourite months. I just love the chill in the air, the brown leaves and the spooky atmosphere. How appropriate it is then, for the October theme to be Villainous.

Oh, how I love when a FairyLoot box arrives at my doorstep. Well, that sounds much more romantic than it actually is. In reality, a DHL courier leaves it at the front desk of my office. Nevertheless, it still feels like a small birthday.

I have the biggest weakness for a great villain. In my opinion, a complex villain with a well-developed personality is what can make or break an epic story. They need to have a clear motive for their actions, a compelling background story and history. The best of them even make you question your own morality and make you ask yourself: ‘If I found myself in this situation, would I be able to make the right decisions? Would I act differently?’

Whether you are enchanted by the idea of immortality like Lord Voldemort, yearn for absolute power like Sauron or can’t resist the pull of the dark side like Darth Vader, the items in this box can help you access that darker side of your personality. After all, all of us have it.

I always close my eyes and fish for items in the box to make it more of a surprise (yes, I am a child). The first item I managed to grasp was the Exclusive Maleficent Candle by Meraki Candles. I am a sucker for a bookish candle and they are by far my favourite box items so I squealed with delight. Then I opened it and was lost for words. It is mint green with purple glitter and smells of jade orchid and lotus blossom. Seems more like a spring scent to me, but it glitters so I don’t complain.

The next item is the cutest Death Eater Enamel Pin made exclusively for this box by House of Wonderland. What is more villainous than a Death Eater? I am a proud Slytherin so I wear this pin often and without any shame. Also, it glitters too so there’s no valid argument against it.

FairyLoot encourages us to keep our villainous complexion immaculate with another exclusive item, a Hidden Darkness Pocket Mirror by Little Inkling Designs. It is incredibly handy and features a quote from The Young Elites. What was it I was saying about the darker side of our personality?

An unexpectedly useful item is the Old-Fashioned Villain Coaster designed by Evie Seo. They really went all-out this month. Every single item seems to be exclusively made for this box. When I was unboxing this I thought I would have no use for a single coaster but, just like a good villain, it silently waited on my desk until I found myself using it every day. The quote is inspired by Moriarty and I couldn’t agree more. Moreover, you can use it for your poisons and potions so you don’t damage your desk of evil-doing.

We also get two art prints this month. The first one is the Raise Hell Print by Evie Seo and features a quote by Virgil, a Roman poet. However, you may know it because of Sebastian Morgenstern of The Mortal Instruments.

I must admit, I never know what to do with art prints because I don’t put them up in my apartment. But the postcards that come with The Language of Thorns might be the most beautiful print I have ever seen.

That brings me to the most exciting part. We do not get one, but TWO hardcover books this month. I have been hyped for Leigh Bardugo’s The Language of Thorns so I couldn’t be happier to receive this exclusive edition with red foiling on the cover. This book is filled with dark and delicious tales from the world of the Grisha.

The book of the month is Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie Dao. Even though I’m not a fan of the cover, the premise of the story is exciting enough. It is a beautiful Evil Queen retelling set in Eastern Asia. It follows Xifeng, a fantastic anti-hero that is following her destiny. No matter the cost!

I am excited to add this book to my never-ending TBR list. I was also quite surprised by how useful many of the items were, even though it may not have seemed so right away. All in all, it was a wonderful box that followed the theme perfectly. If you want to grab the next one for yourself, you can check out FairyLoot here.


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