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UPDATE: Where the hell have I been?

You may (or may not have, I mean I bet you’re pretty busy) have noticed that I have been gone from both this blogging space and my bookstagram for the past couple of months. So for those of you who are interested, here’s a little update on where the hell have I been all this time.

To be absolutely and brutally honest with you, I simply had too much on my plate. I kept juggling my insane work schedule and the stress levels that schedule included, training at least three times a week ( I compete in Taekwon-do), taking care of the apartment and the cat, my friends, family and social life, reading, writing and photography.

I know, boo-hoo, many people have it way worse, but there is only so much a person can do in a week and something simply had to go. Mental health is a thing I’m dealing with and my perfectionist character made everything I did a daunting quest for perfection.

I had to put my life in order and that’s what all my energy went into for the past couple of months. And so I did! I’m very proud to say that I changed jobs and not only finally moved up the perceived career ladder (which also resolved my financial issues), but I also bought my first very own apartment! Yay!

Now, only a couple of days before my 28th birthday, I am more content than ever. I renewed my subscription to FairyLoot, I’m back to my TBR list and I’m excited to take photos again. Also, I am back to blogging, but expect my posts to be a lot shorter and more personal. I don’t have a schedule and I don’t have a plan. And I’m excited about this new chapter!

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